3 Reasons Why PM Modi Needs 272 Seats More Than BJP In This Upcoming General Election!

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PM of India Mr. Narendra Modi

Since the day election dates were announced a race across all political parties in India has been started, I like to call it Indian “Game of Thrones”.  Every single party either national or regional has become hyper active and churning to find that perfect algorithm, that perfect combination which will yield the most seats for them in this election. Some are forming alliances and some are breaking, people are joining and leaving each other’s political party. Every political aspirants evaluating what is best for him or her. Our own Prime Minister Mr. Modi is no exception to this and he has all the rights. He has worked hard to come here and he is not here just for one single term that is not Modi’s style.

In 2014, he was riding on the wave of emotions or I should say tsunami of emotions. Emotions against corruption, indecisiveness of the government, and resentment against then PM Mr. Manmohan Singh for just being a mute spectator when his own government was surrounded by corruption charges. On the other hand Mr. Modi had a very striking and starry career as Gujarat CM for 12 years, he was seen as decisive leader who loves to take matter in his own hands, an incorruptible, and he was very promising leader filled with hopes and energy which country needed the most at that time. He projected himself or was projected (by RSS and BJP) as a leader who does not believe in policy paralysis, who does not take no for an answer, who at any cost will not stop development works. People saw a visionary, persistent, decisive leader who is equally hardworking, incorruptible and is from a humble background.

In 2014 Congress and UPA government was on the receiving end, Modi Led BJP was knocking UPA in every round one after another. UPA simply had no answers to the punches served by BJP and the man himself. And to make it worst their own party members like Rajbabar and Mani Shankar Aiyar’s infamous remarks were enough to take them down on its own. BJP and especially Mr. Modi made that election a presidential one, he very smartly projected Rahul Gandhi against him even congress did not want to do that and never announced his name for PM post directly. Congress was aback by this, neither could they swallow it nor spit it. In return congress hoped that label of Hindu Extremist, given by Lutyen’s Delhi (Media) after 2002 riots, might do some magic in favour of congress but we know that everything was in vain. Modi led BJP and BJP led NDA won unprecedented number of seats, total 336 seats and congress were limited to 44, not in the wildest dream of any of the liberal media it occurred that any party could get the majority alone especially Modi’s party. BJP had re-written the history again,

Earlier Mr. Vajpayee was the first non-congress prime minister who successfully ran the coalition government for full term. And now Mr. Modi is second non-congress Prime Minister who is going complete the full term but first non-congress Prime Minister from a party who got the full majority after more than three decades. Unimaginable, unheard, unprecedented that’s the words came in mind when I saw the result. BJP has coined latest campaign slogan “Modi Hai To Mumkin Hai” (with Modi, Everything Is Possible) which seems more perfect for the previous election too.

Anyways as I was saying congress was the on the receiving end in 2014 so is PM Modi in 2019. It is Mr. Modi who has to answer many questions. Opposition has lest no stone unturned to bring this government down on their knees at every chance they got, some they blew, few they missed and some did not work at all. One thing is that people are excited but not over enthusiastic like they were in 2014, this time some different kind of sense of calmness we are feeling unlike in 2014 which was the most aggressive election we ever had. Of course election heat is present and we can feel it too but amid that we are also sensing some sort of awareness, calmness and satisfaction. I on personal note think this is going to be the one of the best election of recent history but voter turnout ratio would not be as big as it was in 2014 one of the reason for that there is no biggest driving factor in this election unlike last time people were fed up with corruption and nepotism allegations this time these factors are missing, Rafael for me is dead as a door nail.

Honestly I doubt except few any one would like to pay heed to this issue. It is not even an issue any more for us, people of India have moved on but our opposition is still stuck on this. Anyways, so if you have to assess the current election and find out what exactly the biggest issues are in this elections, you will notice only handful of issues are there which really matter to the people of this country and opposition could have capitalized on them but failed for e.g Jobs & farmer’s income which either because of incompetence of opposition or lack of vision they completely could not score on it.

This election is going to be as we are seeing from last five years Modi centered. All parties have already announced that their one biggest mission is to remove Modi by hook or crook (as it seems). One the other hand Modi himself has so much on stake, if result does not go like he is expecting then things are definitely going to turn around for him in his party.

Three biggest reasons why Modi needs 272 seats (full majority) more than BJP.

  1. To become PM again – This is not a hidden thing or a rocket science, BJP has officially said PM Modi will lead them in this election and PM Modi wants to lead them. There is nothing new in this, but getting 272 seats in itself is a challenge. In politics perception changes well before one can change their clothes. In 2017 after UP assembly election people were talking that no one can win in 2019 except Modi and that is too with 300 plus seats but in December 2018 after three states election results non BJP government in 2019 was a possibility and now in 2019 it looks like Modi wave has started again and will sweep this election. Modi really needs 272 seats to become PM for second term because less than that will give alliances more bargaining power and let me remind you there are many parties in NDA who do not want to see Modi as PM. If, as projected by our media channels, NDA remains around 220 – 240 seats then ‘PM Modi – 2” would be quite difficult project for Amit Shah & Modi, we all know a group inside the BJP (Group 200) working discreetly on Plan B in which after election if BJP is the biggest party but well short of majority in that scenario head of the government will not be Modi. Will Modi repeat 2014? That’s something to wait for. Judgment day will tell us that.
  1. To remain undisputed leader of BJP – PM Modi, after announcement of his candidacy in 2013 for PM post, has grown massively within and outside the party, no one could dare to challenge him at least within the BJP. Of course RSS tries to rein in time to time. Recently we saw some remonstrance from Nitin Gadkari but after Air Strike, everything is settled down as it seems in BJP about his status and position. He enjoys unchallenged supremacy which Mr. Vajpayee was also not able to enjoy as Mr. Advani was always there, similar power status we see with chairman of the communist party of China, please I am not comparing the Communist party with BJP both are different but from power perspective Modi has complete control within the government and inside the party as well. His right hand man Mr. Amit Shah has made sure he enjoys such monopoly or command for as long as he wants to. To continue enjoying that Modi really need that magical number. Anything less than 272 from my point of view will weaken his position in BJP. He has a track record of forming government with majority, look last three Gujarat assembly elections in every election he got the majority and in 2014 too he single handedly changed the course of election by bringing BJP 282 seats of course other factors were there but biggest factor was man himself. As I mentioned Group -200 is working behind the door discreetly they will hit him with force when time comes.
  1. To leave behind a legacy = After Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Mr. Vajpayee was the only leader to whom whole country listened, loved and respected. I am not including Pt. Nehru as he was one of the heroes of freedom fight so his status without any doubt is much bigger than every other especially contemporary politicians. Since the oath ceremony Mr. Modi is following the footsteps of these two great leaders like Mrs. Indira Gandhi and Mr. Vajpayee, he is looking for second consecutive term which at this moment seems very feasible. He really would like to cement his place in history, we know for a fact that history has been re-written or modified on several occasions by a party just to make sure that it shed lights on one family. We know what happened to Netaji Bose, we know what happened to the Morarji Desai and Shastri’s legacy. Hardly we see or read anything about these enormous and great political figures. Modi has already worked hard in last 5 years to put his legacy behind, either demonetization, health care or Modi care  or biggest one i.e the surgical strikes/Air strikes and now only thing he has to do is to come again in 2019 and cement all the work he has done. Congress has openly said they will look into the work Mr. Modi has done and as our history tells us we know how grand old party will behave once they are back into the power which they will eventually but before that Modi has to seal the deal and he really needs 272 seats to make sure history remains kind to him and remembers him as a leader who changed the lives, who had a vision. He for sure wants people to remember him as decisive, kind and a powerful leader.

Will Modi become one the greatest and tallest leader of our time? or will congress led UPA repeat another 2004? 23rd May is the day we all are waiting for, the judgment day when fate of Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi will be sealed for next five years.


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