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A Thank You Letter To All The Voters Who Voted In 17th Lok Sabha Election 2019

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Dear All Voters

I would like to show my sincere gratitude to all you especially the first time voters for participating in the festival of democracy which our great nation celebrated for 17th time since Independence. For 39 days complete devotion towards our fundamental right and belief in our constitutional institutions throughout the election process is commendable and exemplary. Yes there were many occasions when people around us, the influential people tried to create doubts in our mind about the sanctity of this election but we kept our faith in our 72 years old constitution, in our system, in our establishment and in our people.

In 2014 around 66.40% people exercised their voting rights which was the highest ever in the history of Indian General Election and in 2019 around 61.85% people exercised their voting right which is of course a matter of concern but the brighter side is that it is above 61% which is more than many western, developed and well educated countries. For next 3 days you all should enjoy utter silence around you……..political silence. Leave the radio off, turn off your TV, switched off your internet and just enjoy this complete silence before we start hearing political parties complains and celebration’s jangle.

All the young voters who have voted for first time in this election always remember voting is not just a right it is the responsibility. Responsibility towards your future, a better, secure and peaceful future. Not many people have this luxury to chose their own government. From now onward you have become an essential part of our democracy, you have a voice now and you can make your own establishment to hear you out loud and clear. So always fulfill your responsibility towards your nation, towards your own future like you did in this election. You deserve a nice holiday after this, ask your parents to take you to some place.

All the other voters by voting in this election you have shown that you still care about your country, you care about your family and their future. For so long you have been the soul of this festival of democracy, you are reason why India claims that it is the biggest democracy in the world. You never compromised, never shied away from your responsibility and this is why our country is doing so well. So you too deserve a nice vacation but only if your occupation or boss allows it.

And finally those who did not vote, if it is for some genuine and unavoidable reasons than it fine but if there was no reason for not to vote then please do not whine for next 5 years if you do not like any decision this government makes. You really lost that right by not voting.

At the end I would like to say that a very big thank you to all of you voted in this election,  you’ve made it possible….again.


Amit Singh


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