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About MFW

Hi, we are Mad For Word (MFW).  MFW is a platform where we write and discuss about educational, finance and curent affairs topics. We also write about the issues which affects us on daily basis. MFW is a  blog about how different people feel, think or react in different situations or scenario. It could be love, hatred, anger or any other feeling. Sometimes words do the magic, they have the power to heal and sometimes it is just opposite of that. MFW does not preach, advice, instruct, counsel, or lectures , it expresses the feelings of author(s), what they  feel and how it is similar to our lives. Every human, whether you accept it or not, lives two lives one for other and one for themselves and nothing wrong in that. It is hard to make people understand what you are feeling or going through. We all have felt at some point of time that nobody is getting what we are saying. We wish we could make more effort to understand each other. We don’t claim you will learn anything from our experiences but you may feel something. Please do spread the words about MFW on your social profiles with your family and friends.  

About Author(s)

1. Mr. Amit Singh

Mr. Amt Singh has completed his B.Com from Delhi university and his M. Com from IGNOU, he is currently working in an MNC as finance manager. He Lives in Delhi. Big fan of Sachin Tenudulkar, love economics, accounts, dogs, food, books.He also like writing on several topics mostly finance and current affairs as it interest him the most. Love to make friends and love to have healthy discussions and debate on social platforms on several current affair or educational topics. He has 11 years of vast experience in finance and accounts field.

2. Mrs. Naina Tyagi

Mrs. Naina Tyagi has working in finance field from last 6 years. She has completed B.Com (Hons) & M.Com from Delhi University. She loves reading and writing, she actively takes part in Quora where she speaks her mind and writes different and interesting topics. She was in teaching field for 1 year which she loved the most but her passion brought her back towards finance and writing field.

Disclaimer : 

All the opinions, feelings or ideas written/ share by Author(s) through  posts or articles are their own personal views, MFW does not necessarily reflects or shares the same opinion or feelings and does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same. In case of any objection on any post or writing please write us on author@madforword.com and for any other information please write us info@madforword.com