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CA students not happy with the way ICAI check their answer sheets, Students demanding reforms!

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Institute of Chartered Accountant, ICAI is in news again and not for good reasons. The Institute of one of the toughest exams of the word is facing heat for the very first time in very long period over its way of checking the student’s answer sheets. The autonomous body which produces the finest Chartered Accountant has mandate to conduct one of the most toughest exams of the planet, has been facing heat of CA students from quite sometime. Resentment among students was going for quite a long time but this time thousand of  students opted to protest outside the ICAI New Delhi office demanding reforms. Seeing this government has sent the security personals on the spot to prevent unwelcome trouble. Many renowned private coaching teachers have come in support of Student in the protest outside ICAI office.

Many students has share their ordeal on twitter along with their answer sheet copy , which clearly shows that the either marks are allotted so irrationally or marks were deducted for absurd reasons.

Some students shared his answer sheet showing that he did write the answer correctly but somehow Institute did not like it and marked it as wrong answer.


#DearICAIpleasechange was trending no 1 on twitter. Here are some tweets by angry students over ICAI functioning.

Thousands of students across several states are protesting against
@theicai‘s evaluation methods & demanding reforms. I urge the Ministry of Corporate Affairs @theicaibos to consider their demands & support affected students #ICAIReforms #dearicaipleasechange
CA Vinay Kumar reddy wrote
Dear @theicai We don’t need extra marks but we need correct marks for our answers .! It’s not all about 5-6 extra marks but it’s all about 5-6 yrs of our dedicated life to this profession.! Kindly streamline the correction process ..! #dearicaipleasechange
Here are some photographs from the protest

Another one


It did not take much time to fill twitter with some memes.


Lalit Tyagi
#dearicaipleasechange CA Students….- we want justice ,,,,, we need reforms…. Leee ICAI-

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