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Girls you do not need short dresses to look or feel sexy !

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This is really a very controversial topic to write on because you have to make sure you do not offend anyone and at the same time you express your point of you and your personal opinion about the topic. Though I have always asserted that a person should express his or her views more often but those views should not be compelling. Now, the reason why I chose this topic to write about is very interesting. Few days back I was commuting through metro and in front of me there were two friends ( a boy and a girl) were sitting and talking to each other, must be in their early 20s. They were discussing their college festival and other stuff so I didn’t now pay any heed  to their conversation irrespective of the fact how loud they were talking.  One thing which I consistently failed to grasp is giggling o and chuckling of a boy siting with a girl, I mean it is not the same if he is sitting with a boy and samd goes for girl, there will be always a little  exaggeration in those giggles. Nevertheless it Is not the point of discussion , at least for now. Now one particular conversation which kind of hit my senses or you can say which made more interested in their conversation was a line said by that girl. See that girl was beautiful with all the good features a girl could ask for. See said ,” My dad did not allow me to wear short dress, Man..I wanted to look sexy for this party”

I was confounded, wonderstruck and speechless, it was way beyond my comprehension. I wanted to ask her why she thinks so, but my inner curiosity was suppressed by basic rule of socialising which says “if it is none of your business do not poke your nose in it”. I did follow that rule that day, but when came home I could not let my mind stop thinking about that girl and the words she uttered. It raises two basic questions in my mind

1. Do all girls think like that?

And obvious answer to that is No.

2. If showing some skin is the only criteria to measure sexiness than are not all the animals are sexy and the blue whale, largest mammal on earth, is the most sexy living thing in this whole planet?

Showing skin  or wearing short dresses is completely your choice and no one can stop you from that. Except some middle eastern countries no other countries have any restriction on women clothes. In India our constitution allows us to wear whatever we want. But it doesn’t answer the question why and when showing off some skin became the criteria of sexiness.

That girl is not alone that is for sure and I believe that it has something to do with our movie industry as since its inception women have been portrayed as sex symbol, they have been objectified and we are seeing it from so many years that now it doesn’t bother us anymore and it has become the part of our culture now. Let me make it clear if you feel confident, you feel sexy and good in short dresses wear them as much as you want but if you think that only short dresses will make you sexy that is insularity and rotten mentality. A saree is as sexy as bikini but it will also not help if the person who is wearing it is not carrying it with confidence. My cousin, she is 20 years old and we had a fight on this same topic. She told me to not to be a narrow minded person and be liberal and to reply that I said good enough if short dresses make you broad minded ask your parents to wear bikini and you can too do the same, she felt offended and blocked me from WhatsApp. Well she is too young to grasp the true meaning of my words but I was disappointed that I could not teach her that short dresses has nothing to do with sexiness. I was not stoping her from wearing clothes which she likes but I was only trying to make her understand that length of the dress has nothing to do with your looks. My grandfather told me once that wear good clothes to feel good not to only look good. And he was right, when you feel good you are confident, it is from your inside, it helps in building your character which is more important.

I am not being a misogynist, yes I have opinions and views but I am entitled to have my opinions and views just like you are free to wear whatever you want. Just be sexy in everything you wear not only in couple of dresses you might wear in one or two parties.

I sincerely apologise to every person who felt offended after reading this.

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