Intraday Tips, Stocks To Buy Sell Tomorrow on 18 Sept 2019, 5 Stocks for Day Trading 18th September

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These are the high probability trades for intraday trading or day trading for tomorrow, which are looking good on chart or have good news or financials or some other solid reasons. We think the price of these stocks could move in our way, but having said that it is totally possible that our suggestions could go wrong. We always try to take all the basis and factors into consideration before making any calls. After considering all possible factors which could affect the share price movement we make any suggestions on which shares are looking good for tomorrow. Please read our disclaimer carefully. In intraday there are possibility of earning high returns because of the margins. Margins are amount your broker allows you to invest in shares over and above your capital but only for day trading. This is why people earn good money in day trading. How much margins are available to you, you can check it through your broker. All these shares are for NSE, for BSE we will specifically mark them separately.

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Here are 5 best stocks which can make your day tomorrow. You can earn good return in Intraday on these shares. Remember if election result does not come as shown in exit polls , make sure you stop trading for the day.

  1. Buy Call, Tech Mahindra, Current Price: 705.95, Target: 725.95, SL 699.95. Stock is looking nice and can achieve the target by the end of the day. If stock open with high margins, pls do not trade in that situation or take extreme cautious.
  2. Buy Call, Manappuram, Current Price: 123.30, Target: 127.30, SL: 121.30.  Stock can achieve the target by the end of the day. Please do not trade in this share if it opens with high opening margins.
  3. Buy Call, UPL, Current Price: 563.30, Target: 558.30, SL: 578.30. Stock is looking nice and can achieve the target by the end of the day. Please do not trade in this share if it opens with high opening margins. only it goes above 565.00
  4. Buy Call, Vedanta Ltd, Current Price: 145.40, Target: 152.40, SL: 142.40. Stock can achieve the target by the end of the day.  Please do not trade in this share if it opens with high opening margins on either side. Buy if it goes above 146.00
  5. Sell Call, Arvind Ltd, Current Price: 56.65, Target: 53.50, SL: 58.00. Stock can achieve the target by the end of the day.  Please do not trade in this share if it opens with high opening margins on either side. Enter if it goes below 56.35

If these shares open with high gap then try to avoid trading such shares and If market is filled with negative news please do not trade in that scenario too.

Investing is stock market is really very exciting as well as very risky especially in day trading. There are many examples where people have earned from small to huge returns but at the same time there are more examples where people have lost the money. So before you invest your hard earned money remember few things.

  1. Trend is Friend : Always go with trend, going against the trend is not a smart move.
  2. Always trade in best stocks with high probability.
  3. Always research before you invest , do not take our advice always , you can do your own research too.
  4. Always trade with stop loss, do not ever trade without putting stop loss.
  5. do not hold your losses for too long, sometimes people in exception of bounce back  they keep shares for more time , do not have this habit.
  6. Make few rules for yourself , like when you want to invest and how much loss in one day is acceptable to you ( for e.g I take 6% of my total capital as base).
  7.  Do read charts and candles, these are really very helpful.
  8. Try to be technical, or learn some technicality about stocks.

Please follow these rules religiously, because these are for your own benefit.

Intraday trading, also called day trading, is the buying and selling of stocks within the same day. In other words, all positions are squared off before market closes and at the end of the day there is no change in ownership of shares as a result of the trades. Here we are only discussing about day trading, above stocks are most high probability trades. These stocks could give you a good return but your own knowledge could also give you much more returns. Intraday trading tips can be more useful and profitable for those investors who have knowledge of technical charts or candles. These intraday stock recommendation are not full proof because no one can predict the exact future but because of the nature and their past movements we can or at least we can try to predict it next movement. For e.g XYZ ltd company announces it result, and results are worst than expected. In this case it is very clear that shares will go down. There is no rocket science behind that, it will go down because company is not performing well and people don’t want to invest in such company. So here for day traders there could be a possibility in terms of short selling. The can earn good amount from this down trend.

Disclaimer: This article is here are taken only for the information and educational purpose. Any post or article does not constitute any recommendations that any security or transaction of shares is suitable for anyone.  Futures, stocks and options trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for every investor. Please consult your financial advisor before taking any position in the stock/s mentioned. MadForWord or its any author will not be responsible for any losses incurred as a result of using any of our trading strategies. Readers discretion is advised. All trading strategies are used at your own risk.
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