It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.

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This piece is one of the hardest one as it was for me more emotional than anything elese. Life has a funny way of teaching us or proving us wrong. Whenever you think you want to go south it will drag you to the north. Trapped in life struggle, having hard time to accept the terms of life.

Life is not a game but it plays the game with us and that is too by its own rule. No matter how hard you try to win , its twists and turns will blow your mind, suspense and thriller is around every corner with fair amount of excitement and achievements. In life first runner ups are the winners because life is always one step ahead of you all the time.

Sometimes it feels like never ending pain and stiffness around your neck, you wanted to speak or yell but couldn’t because you have to abide by life’s rule. Fair play some people call it and some destiny.

People often confuse life with destiny but in reality destiny is mere reward for players who abide by rules and punishment for those who tries to out play life. You can not , if people will start accepting only then they can understand this whole concept called life. My world is shaking at the momemm, several thunders and storms are passing through it on daily basis. I must say life in a very subtle way showed me my place and I humbly accept it. But here is twist I am still in the race of first runner up and I am not backing down from it. I will get that place with my hard work, dedication and blessings.

How old are you right now?

20?..30?..40? Or more than 60? An average guy who lives roughly about 80-85 years of age right?

Now do one thing, what ever is your age is try to note down your one biggest achievement of every year you have lived do far and when I say biggest I mean biggest like your first word or first step (probably you won’t remember that but you can still count it). Now here is the only basic rule i.e. only one big achievement from each year that is it.

You will be surprised to know that most people have less 50% ratio. Only few touches the bar of 50% and above and 0 people for 100%. Is not it surprising and mind blowing. If you can’t even list out mapactful achievements of your life for every year you how do you rate yourself as a player of life? Right not good…. Now here is the big part it is ok if you do not have those achievements but it is not ok of you do not have moments in your life. Cherish those moments , work hard for achievements and watch life how beautiful and mesmerizing it can be at a times.

Enjoy every bit of it, either with your parents or children or friends. When you will be old, grumpy and saying goodbye to this world be at that first runner up position , not more or less than that

I won’t be able to post anything new for few days or weeks because I am going through one of the hardest level of this game called “Life”. I pray for your good health and prosperity.


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