Market re opened at 10.42 AM, Trading was Closed for 45 minutes , Sensex hit circuit breaker!

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Due to Corona virus , Country is under lock-down mode, which spread the panic among investors too. Therefore Market is showing its worst session day after day.  Market was closed because Sensex hit it’s low circuit and re opened at 10.42 Am after 45 minutes. Investors are advised to remain cautious. New Investors should refrain from investing anything yet especially intraday or swing traders.

Sensex was its highest at Rs.42000+ during Jan 2020 but within two months it has dropped more than 40%, now at the time of writing this article Sensex is at 26800.

9.38 AM

Sensex hit circuit breaker , Market was closed for next 45 minutes. Market will re-open with 15 minutes pre-opening session.

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