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Open Letter To Parents and Relatives Of UP Board Students

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Dear Parents and Relatives!

I humbly request you to leave the students alone today. You have all your life to make them feel small and worst about themselves just spare them today. And to the parents who have amounted pressure on their children, please for god sake embrace your child and accept him or her with some faults not everyone if perfect.

From last few days speculation were high and so was children’s adrenaline as there were some media reports going on social media about when UP Board will release the result. Some channel claimed 24th April, then they said 25th April, and finally UP Board confirmed that they will declare it on 27th of April.

Day came and UP board declared the result today and this time again girls have outshined boys and Tanu Tomar from class 12th made us proud by topping class 12th UP Board and some relief to us boys was given by Gautam Raghuvanshi as he is the topper of class 10th UP Board.

Now as we know our Indian society where our children doesn’t matter how hard working they are still lesser than our padosi ke bacche (neighbour’s children). This is nothing new but thank god my parents did not have such expectations from me or may be I never got the good marks in any of my class was one of the reason why my parents had no expectations from me. So when my class 10 CBSE result came I got 53% my dad was upset but he did say that marks are not good but that is it and when I got class 12th result I thought my dad is going to beat the hell out me (In India it isĀ  wa normalay to tell their children that they haven’t done well). I got 45% marks only , surprisingly my dad did not say a single word. He only told me that your result is out and that’s it. Yes I was ashamed because I did not get the good marks , I never went to regular college . I still feel little bad when I see newspapers filled with images of college festival or admission process etc.

But remember one thing my parents did save me from my savage savage relatives, they always gave me that protection bubble which I needed the most even when I though I do not deserve it. My parents told me one thing good marks are luxury but not necessity.

Yes it is true that good marks help you to get admission in college and study well but beleive me there are more than 100 million students in India not enough college seats are there in the whole universe to enroll these many students. Which means more than 99% will not see the gate of college. I was one of them, I was never a bright student infact below than average but here I am earning enough money to take care of my family and those relatives who once were making fun of me are appreciating me.

So dear parents save your kid from your relatives and at some extent from yourself. Kid can bounce back but if you won’t give them a chance to stand they will never be able to walk again with their head high in this world.



Amit Singh. .

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