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Something big is going to happen in Jammu and Kashmir but what? Cabinet Meet is Over

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Wow Modi and Shah has surprised us again, I though they are going to do one thing but they have done all the things

Just in :

  • BSP supported the bill introduced by home minister Amit Shah for removing 370 and making J&K and Ladakh an Union Territory
  • Gulam Nabi Ajad Lost his temper in Rajyasabha and called an MP Shut UP and ‘Bhagoda’
  • Marshalls were called to remove two MPs who were tore the constitution
  • Article 370 all sections have been removed except one
  • Ladakh will be now an Union Territory
  • J&K will be now an Union territory
  • Cabinet meeting is over, Amit Shah is in parliament smiling
  • He may make statement in Parliament around 11 am


05th Aug till 3 Am

  • Kashmiri Pandit who are working in government institution in Kahsmir are leaving Kashmir
  • Governor Satypal is taking high level meeting with the DGP,
  • Omar Abullah, Mehbooba and other leaders have been house arrested.
  • Jammu Universities exams has been delayed till next notification.
  • Security personnel are searching for Separatists and their supporters
  • Section 144 has been imposed in Kashmir
  • Section 144 to be imposed in the morning at 6:00 am
  • Jammu has become the transit point for all the tourists and people who want to leave Kashmir
  • Most of the tourists have been removed from the Kashmir.
  • Internet and mobile phone has been stopped in 9 district of J&K
  • All educational institutes are asked to remain closed till next notification
  • 40 CRPF battalion has been deployed in Jammu
  • Cabinet meeting to be held tomorrow at 9 am but no agenda so far has been distributed till now (to maintain secrecy)

40,000 troops deployed in J&K and since then everyone in Kashmir going insane especially  Omar and Mehbooba Mufti , they are like provoking their supporters and instigating fear among Kashmiri people.

Whatever we say about PM Narendra Modi , one thing which his opponents will also appreciate is that no one is able to anticipate his next step. Element of surprise is always there which is commendable. From couple of days we are seeing so many news about Jammu and Kashmir. A fear among Kashmiri people is running high and our naughty neighbor is trying to flirt with this situation to gain some advantage and make it an international issue. Amarnath Yatra has been canceled for the first time , officers are given satellite phone. This is insane, so much secrecy and no new channel has been so far able to crack single news. Do not forget NSA Ajit Doval and home minister Amit Shah both are know for taking mission to the end.

What is going on in the mind on Modi and Amit Shah? Three speculation are running high

  1. Removal of 35A
  2. Removal of 370
  3. Dividing J&K into 3 part or trifurcation
  4. Terrorist are planning huge attacks and trying to start civil war before 15th August

I feel it is trifurcation or 35A and my instinct says that it will trifurcation not 35A , because 35 A is still subjudice and supreme court is hearing this. I feel it is trifurcation because what Trump has said recently about mediation between India and Pakistan for Kashmir, somehow it has made Jammu & Kashmir an international issue and dividing it into three will work on many front

  1. Jammu which is more calm and peaceful area than Kashmir will grow more after trifurcation
  2. It will be more easy to administer Ladakh
  3. Leaders and separatists will be shrink to the Kashmir region
  4. Modi will give a direct message to International community that J&K is our and we can do what we want, it is purely in our control.

Modi government extended parliament session for 3 days and sent 40000 troops to the J&K and people are reacting on the internet.

Top 5 Trending topis  on twitter are #KashmirParFinalFight #KashmirBleeds #IndiaForKashmir #StandwithKashmir #KashmirHamaraHai , 


नींद नहीं आ रही है वो क्या कहते है अंग्रेज़ी में पेट मे तितली सी हो रही है। कश्मीर में क्या होने वाला है। सुबह कब आएगी ?? #Kashmir #KashmirParFinalFight
chandan bajaj
#KashmirParFinalFight By today 11 am we will have official confirmation on the removal of section 35A from Jammu & Kashmir .

Sonam Mahajan
I am from Jammu and on the behalf of my people, want to reassure the Government of India that we stand with you hand in hand in any action you take to fully integrate Jammu with India. We trust and admire our security forces and promise full cooperation. #IndiaForKashmir
Sharat Kumar
Sleepless…can’t wait till morning..or atleast by tomorrow’s night..Hoping for some good news…@narendramodi#KashmirParFinalFight
Whatever decision Modi, Ajit Doval and Amit Shah will take one thing is for sure that 15th August speech is going to be one of a hell speech.

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