Swing Trading : 10th August Top 3 Shares for Swing Traders, Shares to invest in for very short term period For 1 week to 1 month max , 10 August

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Hey there….here I am bringing top 3 shares to invest in for a very short period of time and these shares are chosen after carefully considering the news around them and mostly on the basis of technical charts. I have tracked their movements for last few days and these shares have shown significant signs to believe that it will go in desirable direction and it may give the desired profit.

Before we start reading this  please answer these following questions and if all the answers are affirmative only then you should invest in these shares.

1. Are you really serious about share trading / share investments?

2. Are you aware of the basic rules for share marketing, e.g trend is friend, stop loss?

3. Do you have enough money for your regular expenses and other family expenses?

If your answer is yes for all the above three questions then this article is for you. Please understand that share market is a serious job. One can not come casually and think he or she can earn money and become rich overnight. NO, A big NO for them, if you have the same thinking please flush it down to the toilet and start with blank slate.

When I ask if you are serious enough about share market I am only trying to tell you that the share market needs time, patience, nerves and logical reasoning ( of course money too). You can not do trading once in  a while and expect high returns. You have to invest your money as well as time too.

Another thing which people do not take seriously is the some laws / rules of share market for e.g like gravity in share market too whatever goes up comes down, sentiments of market,your own emotions in check, trend if friend, stop loss is a must especially in intraday trading, focus on quality not quantity and last but not the least for god sake do not invest all your money in one or two shares…make a nice diversified portfolio. And please I am still saying this if you have family responsibilities or any other financial commitments then please do fulfill those first because in share market you can earn money but you will lose too and that can be very disheartening.

Everyone knows in share market, intraday trading always have high risk high return rule, in Intraday people actually have doubled or tripled their money within the hour of trades and same people have lost their all capital within the minutes too. And in long term investment which is much more safer but has low investment returns as compare to the intraday. Now there is this third short term period investment which has moderate returns and moderate profit.

Here are following 3 shares to invest for very short period of time like 1 week to 1 month maximum of time to get nice returns. These shares have the high probability of going on the upside and in that process you can earn money but having said please be careful while investing in any shares. These shares have been selected on the basis of technical analysis and current news and financial records. I will again repeat myself share market is a business of hard working people you can expect to earn money without doing your homework first like reading and understanding first. If you are a new trader or investor then start with small quantity and increase it gradually in coming weeks or month as suits you. Please do never invest all your money in one or two shares. Your portfolio should be diverse. Here are some of the shares which may give you a nice profit in the time period of 7-30 days.

  1. Stock : Mind Tree, Current Price (09 August) : 752.15, Target (for 7-30 Days) : 840.00-850.00, Stop Loss 698.00. Try to buy the share as low as possible but or below
  2. Stock : IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Current Price (09 August ) :  205.05, Target (for 7-30 Days) : 235.00-250.00, Stop Loss 182.00. Try to buy it between 200.00-205.00
  3. Stock : Division Lab, Current Price (09 August)  : 1664.95, Target (within week to 30 days) : 1843.00, Stop Loss (Strict): 1580.00. Try to buy it in lower side if possible enter somewhere between 1630.00-1664.00

Remember Stop Loss is strict stop loss, control your emotions and in case stock does not go as per your expectations, get out from the stock. Some people are happy with 5% return in a week to fifteen days period and some look for 10%. Please do not invest all your capital in above mentioned shares as  share market is all about sentiments, market news and company financial records.

Disclaimer: This article is here are taken only for the information and educational purpose. This post or article does not constitute any recommendations that any security or transaction of shares is suitable for anyone.  Futures, stocks and options trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for every investor. Please consult your financial advisor before taking any position in the stock/s mentioned. MadForWord or its any author will not be responsible for any losses incurred as a result of using any of our trading strategies. Readers discretion is advised. All trading strategies are used at your own risk.
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