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This Day That Year, Know what happened on 11th May

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History is filled with so many important events and today we are going to discuss those events and incidents  and will try to bring back few memories . 11th May is a very significant date in Indian history. We have seen so many important and future changing incidents, events and accidents on 11th May that it is really important to know what happened in this day that year.

1. India’s 100,00,00,000th  Baby (Billionth Baby) was born on 11th May 2000. Do you know the name of the baby?

Indian Population officially reached 1 Billion on 11th May 2000. Yes today in  year 2000 we official became 100,00,00,000 Indians on earth and do you know who was India’s billionth baby ? A baby girl named Astha (Faith), born to Anjana and Ashok Arora. 

BBC Wrote : India’s population has passed the one billion mark, according to the country’s census commission. However, experts see little cause for cheer because of diminishing natural resources and increasing poverty, illiteracy and unemployment. News that the one-billionth baby had been born was officially announced in Delhi at 1232 local time (0702 GMT). Click Here to read complete BBC article.

2. We celebrate our National Technology Day on every 11th May, do you know why ? It is related with APJ Abdul Kalam.


On 11th May India successfully conducted nuclear tests in Pokhran, they are called the Pokhran II Nuclear Tests. Nuclear projects in India began as early as 1944, when Homi Bhabha brought forth the importance of nuclear energy in front of the Indian Congress. Pokhran II ended on 13th May, total 5 tests were conducted.

‘The ‘decision’ of the Indian Government to conduct nuclear tests was important for many reasons. These reasons included the urgency of finding new and sustainable energy and power resources, increasing the defense of the country (especially since Pakistan at that time was showing evidence of funding its advanced nuclear projects), and making India a “respected country on the world stage”. About increasing our country’s border defenses, the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee summed up, “There is no compromise on national security; all options including the nuclear options will be exercised to protect security and sovereignty.” Click here to read complete article on mapsofindia.

3. Next is a Bollywood Golden Jubilee (Blockbuster) Movie.

Movie “Zanjeer” starring “Amitabh Bachchan” and “Jaya Bachchan” released on 11th May 1973. It was a super blockbuster movie of 70s and it cemented the place of Amitabh Bachchan. But do you the director Prakash Mehra was reluctent to cast Amitabh Bachchan for this role.

“Amitabh Bachchan’s Zanjeer not only introduced a new hero to Bollywood but also brought with it a new phenomenon called the Angry Young Man. But you will be shocked to know that Amitabh was not the first choice. The film was directed by Prakash Mehra, also starred Pran, Jaya Bachchan, Om Prakash and Ajit. Let’s Find out other interesting facts. Watch How Amitabh was not the first choice for  Zanjeer on MSN.

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