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Zomato and their secularism! Hypocrisy or Sincerity?

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So..Zomato is in news again…..wrong reasons or right reasons..well that’s a catch. There is a saying every publicity is a good publicity, as long as they spell your name right! Looks like Zomato has mastered this!

Now let’s come back to the incident, So all started with a tweet from a guy named Amit Shukla from UP . He tweeted : (Now these tweets are deleted but at the end you can see the screenshots)

पं अमित शुक्ल

Jul 30

“Just cancelled an order on @ZomatoIN they allocated a non hindu rider for my food they said they can’t change rider and can’t refund on cancellation I said you can’t force me to take a delivery I don’t want don’t refund just cancel”
He further tweeted
@ZomatoIN is forcing us to take deliveries from people we don’t want else they won’t refund and won’t cooperate I am removing this app and will discuss the issue with my lawyers”
And couple of other tweets , well we will come to that later…But first of all let me clear my stand. This guy is stupid, moron and pathetic,  an idiot who made an issue out of nothing and now trying to cash in some popularity.
But the peculiar thing was the reply from the Zomato on the tweet and this tweet created the whole lot of rift in the netizens and whole twitter was divided into two.
Zomato Twitted
“Food doesn’t have a religion. It is a religion”
This tweet was enough to ruffle some feathers and netizens started trending hastags like #Zomato #BoycottZomato #IStandWithAmit , several verified twitter handlers came into the support of Amit Shukla and several twitter users bashed him. Many news websites have written long articles this.
Meanwhile some of the people digged out something vicious and controversial from his twitter profile which he tweeted in the past, here is the screenshot. Have a look!
So it was enough to start a civil war on twitter and many prominent warriors (medial personnel, personalities etc) jumped into this civil war! Zomato becomes secular today…lol!
Uber Eats India
@ZomatoIN, we stand by you.”
One of the twitter has funny take on it
Sunil Singh

I ordered motton biryani on Zomato they delivered Halal meat instead of Jhatka meat. It’s unfair #boycottzomato

Now let’s cut to the chase, do not have an iota of doubt that the guy Amit Shukla is right, Nope he is not but what Zomato tweeted was sheer hypocrisy. They said Food has no religion ..correct but the people who eat it has. Now let us have a look on this tweet how Zomato responded to a Muslim customer when he complained about his food.
Zomato for some magical reasons is seeing the food’s religion. This is what most to the netizens are  hating about Zomato that they could have handled it in a better way instead of trying to become a hero in this situation. And twitter bashed them left and right about they have separate menu mentioning Halal meat. So at one side you say food has no religion and on other side you have made a whole menu as per the one religion.
Bashin Amit Shukla is right in every universe but letting Zomato go away for their double standards …oh boy its not fair at all.  This is not the first time Zomato has done something mischievous and tried to flirt with the religious sentiments of the customer. Once I asked for veg food they gave me a non veg platter and surprisingly no one gave reply to my email.
Similarly there are many incidents when Jain people asked for no onion food they ended up getting onions in their food. But no one on apologized.
So what does it tell?
Well to me…. it tells Zomato is full of hypocrisy.
Why you have to have two standards for two different community ? this is what bothering people on twitter.  After when Zomato though that things are getting out of their hand and once which was a positive support is turning into negative they immediately issued a statement stating
Amit Shukla is wrong on every front but it does not make Zomato right. They might have gain free publicity out of this but they have lost many customers today. A small petty issue became a national issue on twitter. I still think Zomato could have handled it very maturely rather than trying to score a point out of it. Hats off to their PR team, for almost half day they articulated in way where they looked like a hero or so.
India is not built yesterday, these petty issues won’t effect our country as whole but issues like this reveals the true motive of a person or an organization. There is no harm in accepting the food from Muslim valet, the guy is doing his job with complete integrity . The delivery boy unnecessarily caught into the middle of all this pathetic issues. But at the same time double standards should not be accepted at all.
Come any day at Nizammudin railway station and you will notice many Muslims family do not ride in the auto in which Hindu Gods pictures or idols are stuck or placed. No body talks about it, no media shows it why? because we all know it is a very narrow minded people thinking and doing so do not make an issue out of it.
Religious freedom is fundamental right and everyone should get it..everyone not one religion’s followers but everyone. For me Zomato is wrong because of their hypocrisy and double standards. Amit Shukla was never right and never will be!
See this is why in India we say “Maa ke haath ka khaana is the best” (Food cooked by mother is the best food). Eat healthy and be healthy!
Here are some screen shots of Amit Shukla how he started a civil war on twitter!

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